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All In A Day's [Sex] Work

From 2013-2016, photojournalist Blair Hopkins travelled the United States photographing and interviewing escorts, exotic dancers, adult film performers, Dominatrixes, professional submissives, phone sex operators and webcam performers. All In A Day's [Sex] Work was released first as a book in 2017. In 2019, Hopkins joined forces with SWOP-Behind Bars to expand the project and continue collecting sex workers' stories, which catalyzed the release of the podcast of the same name. 

The mission of this project is to present a balanced and in-depth picture of the sex trade from a secular humanist perspective, in the interest of promoting the full decriminalization of sex work. 

Sex work is the pinnacle intersection of all social justice issues. From any conversation about sex work can be teased out issues of equality with regards to race, gender identity, political alignment, religion, substance use, social welfare, labor, etc etc forever and ever amen. The people who make a living from sex work are representative of the population as a whole, and as such, there are tremendous variations in experiences and opinions. All are deserving of an audience.


Opinions expressed by project participants are not intended to reflect the views of the author, or of SWOP-Behind Bars.

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